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"Citizen Generated Open Data Portal"

An open data platform were Sierra Leone related datasets are freely available for everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. It allows the public to view and comment on open data shared by the private sector, civil society groups, open data professionals, academia, and NGOs.

Latest Data Stories

Introducing OBizR Sierra Leone Mobile App And Open Data Platform
OBizR is a location-based local business review, travel guide, and citizen-generated open data platform for Africa. “OBizR Sierra Leone” is the local guide to finding the best places to eat, shop, sleep, bank, drink, learn, exercise in Sierra Leone.
The SMS reporting revolution takes on Ebola in Sierra Leone
We recently met Ebola survivor Alfred Pujeh, one of the dedicated staff who look after vulnerable children while they are under quarantine for Ebola, at Sierra Leone’s new Observational Interim Care Centres
Mohamed Jalloh of LAM-TECH and OGI Staff

The Right to Access Information Commission in collaboration with the Open Data Council and the Ministry of Information and Communications with support from the Open Aid Partnership of the World Bank and other partners